The DLSU Innovation and Technology Office (DITO) is the knowledge and technology-transfer office of De La Salle University. We help faculty and students transform their ideas and research projects into products and services that solve problems, generate value for the University, and foster inclusive economic growth in the country.


De La Salle University Innovation and Technology Office (DITO) is a university-based organization that aims to be the leading advocate and excellent provider of intellectual property (IP), knowledge and technology transfer services in Southeast Asia to benefit society for the common good.


To support the creation and development of innovative and creative products and services that would help improve the lives of the community and the society attuned to a sustainable Earth, especially the poor and marginalized.

Specific Missions:

  1.   To support the DLSU Intellectual Property Office (DIPO) in promoting respect for intellectual property (IP)
  2.   To transform the La Sallian community into a source of  Intellectual property-generating research,
  3.   To help creators or inventors in protecting their intellectual property rights and assisting them in the commercialization of their products or services;
  4.   To establish linkages between the academe, government and the industry in order to create market-driven solutions that address societal concerns;
  5.     To transfer commercialization and incubation functions to Animo Labs.

About Us

Our Services

De La Salle University Innovations and Technology Office (DITO) offers IP advises to the faculty, students, support staff, or any client, who have developed an innovation, formulated a product, or written a creative work on protecting their intellectual property.


The University acknowledges the necessity to provide policies to promote and encourage excellence, creativity and innovation in research and other scholarly works by identifying and protecting the rights of the University, its faculty, staff and students.