Computer Technology

Computer Technology emphasizes the fundamental concepts of electricity, the theory and use of analog and digital components, the analysis and design of combinational and sequential digital circuits and the techniques required in order to interface a microprocessor to memories, input-output ports and other devices or to other microprocessors.


Information Technology

Information Technology focuses on the study, design, implementation, and evaluation of information systems for organizations. This program aims to make the student capable of recognizing problems that are amenable to computer solutions. It also covers the study of management and organizations in order to bridge the gap between specialists and decision-makers in the preparation of support systems development.


Software Technology

Software Technology features courses designed to provide students with a deeper understanding of the design and analysis of computer algorithms, thus strengthening their ability to write correct and efficient programs. It integrates software engineering into major courses in a way that students are able to apply and discover different methodologies appropriate for different software projects.