Shirley N. Dita

Academic Title

Associate Professor


Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics

Research Interest

World Englishes, Corpus Linguistics, Philippine Language Description, English Linguistics

Research Summary

“I am interested in describing the linguistic features of Philippine languages by looking at their phonology, morphology, and syntax. I am likewise interested in the grammar of World Englishes, especially Asian Englishes.”


Dita, S.N. & De Leon, K. D. (2017). The intelligibility of Philippine English
to ESL speakers. Philippine ESL Journal, 19(2), 100-113.

Gonzales, W.D.W. & Dita, S.N. (2017). Split infinitives in world Englishes: A
corpus-based investigation. Asian Englishes, 19(3). DOI:

Borlongan, A. M. & Dita, S. N. (2015). Taking a look at expanded predicates in
Philippine English across time. Asian Englishes, 17(3), 240-247. DOI:
10.1080/13488678.2015.1069965. Available online:

Dita, S. N. (Ed.). (2011). Issues and trends in Applied Linguistics in the
Philippines: A decade in retrospect (De La Salle University Centennial
Publication). Manila: Vibal Publishing. ISBN 978-971-27-2593-7

Dita, S. N. (2010). A reference grammar of Ibanag. Saarbrücken, Germany:
Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN-10: 3843353514; ISBN-13: 978-3843353519.

Courses Taught

Advanced Grammar of Philippine Languages (PhD)
World Englishes (PhD)
Syntax (PhD)
Corpus Linguistics (PhD)
Semantics and Pragmatics (PhD)
Grammar Sketch (PhD)
Grammatical Structure of English (MA)
Shirley Dita
Shirley Dita