Scholarship for Graduate Programs

The Scholarship and Financial Assistance Program seeks to assist the University in achieving its vision of extending its educational facilities to Filipino students who are deserving of financial aid.

GRADUATE Financial Assistance Grants are available for the following colleges:

  • Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business (RVRCOB)
  • School of Economics (SOE)
  • College of Computer Studies (CCS)
  • Br. Andrew Gonzalez College of Education (BAGCED)
  • College of Liberal Arts
  • Gokongwei College of Engineering (GCOE)
  • College of Science (COS)

Application Procedure

Important Note: Scholarship applications will only be accepted after the applicant completes the graduate application process to his/her desired degree program. He/She will be required to provide his/her application reference number upon submission of his/her complete scholarship application documents.

  1. The graduate student downloads a  Financial Assistance Application Form. All new, incoming graduate students must be reminded that the application for scholarship is processed simultaneously with their application for admission.

  2. He/She fills in the application form properly and submits it to the Enrollment Services Hub (ESH), 2F Henry Sy, Sr. Hall within the specified application period together with the following:

  1. a letter of request by the applicant for financial assistance addressed to: The OAS Director, Thru: The Vice-Dean (except for the College of Engineering Grantees letter is addressed to: The OAS Director, Thru: The Graduate Studies Director);
  2. A photocopy of the applicant's latest Income Tax Return (ITR) form. Only those whose gross annual income is less than Php 700,000 will be considered.

    • If married and filing income tax returns separately (or applicant is unemployed), include a photocopy of spouse's latest ITR form;
    • If single and unemployed, a photocopy of parent's latest ITR form;

  3. a certificate of employment with compensation history;
  4. a letter of recommendation for financial assistance from the applicant's present employer / superior; and
  5. Photocopy of Transcript of Records.

  1. For Incoming Students, the result of the scholarship application will be indicated in the Admission Status Letter.

  2. For Current Students applying for a scholarship or for an upgrade, results will be released online via Document Tracking System (DTS).

Application Dates (Term 1, AY 2017-18)

Activity Dates
Application for Scholarship (New) 22 May to 23 June 2017 (Monday to Saturday only)
Application for Upgrade of Current Grants ​​22 May to 23 June 2017 (Monday to Saturday only)
Release of Result ​04 August 2017 (Friday)​


  • Schedule subject to change without prior notice.
  • Last Updated: 23 May 2017

Selection Criteria

  1. Student's admission to the program; priority of the college is considered

  2. Financial need based on income tax returns and recommendation of present employer/superior

  3. Good character, demonstrated qualities of leadership and positive attitudes in keeping with the Mission Statement of the University.

Request for Upgrade of Current Grants

Graduate Grantees for at least two (2) completed terms as a scholar who wish to apply for an UPGRADE of their current grants may do the following during the application period:

  1. He/She writes a letter addressed to: The OAS Director, Thru: The Vice-Dean (except for the College of Engineering Grantees letter is addressed to: The OAS Director, Thru: The Graduate Studies Director).

  2. He/She attaches a printed copy of grades of the previous terms.

  3. Certificate of Employment with compensation.

Eligibility/Retention Policies

  1. Enrollment in 6 units per term under a program on a continuing basis

  2. Maintenance of a trimestral average of "2.5" (for MA/MS program grantees) or "3.0" (for doctoral program grantees)

  3. Compliance with the guidelines set by the University Scholarship Council.

Requirements for Renewal of Scholarship Grants

  1. Enrolment Assessment Form (EAF)

  2. Printed copy of grades from MyLaSalle account

  3. Certification from the Chair/Graduate Program Coordinator (For enrolment below six (6) units)