The Council of Student Organizations (CSO) is the union of accredited professional (PROF), special interest (SPIN) and socio-civic organizations of De La Salle University. Since its founding in 1974, the Council has continuously delivered quality student services and has produced outstanding student leaders dedicated to serving and contributing to the Lasallian Community.

To support the preparation, execution, and documentation of the activities/projects/initiatives of the accredited organizations, nine Executive Teams work under the supervision of the CSO Executive Board.

The CSO Executive Board also serves as the coordinating body of the Council and oversees the implementation of university-wide activities participated in by the different organizations. These activities include the Annual Recruitment Week (ARW), Green Card Alliance (GCA), the Lasallian Excellence Awards (LEA) and the Lasallian Enrichment Alternative Program (LEAP) which is a joint venture of the Council of Student Organizations and the University Student Government.

The DLSU-CSO is also a founding member of the Philippine Union of Lasallian Student Organizations (PULSO) which is an alliance between the CSOs and its counterparts in the 11 Lasallian Tertiary Institutions in the Philippines.

Vision - Mission

The Council of Student Organizations is a world-class student organization committed to delivering quality services and activities and to developing proactive and dynamic student leaders befitting the standards of a world-class research University. We create and maintain conditions wherein our member organizations can achieve optimum performance and realize fully their goals. We are driven by the ideals of the Lasallian mission; thus, we work arduously to feed the needs of the students and ultimately promote the growth of their potentials.

The Council of Student Organizations provides relevant and quality services that support heightened student involvement and development. We continually set standards that contribute to the flourishing of our member organizations, and we further endeavor to establish our own identity apart from other student organizations by creating awareness of our existence amongst the student body. We ally ourselves with organizations of a similar nature to inspire growth and create a venue for the exchange of ideas. We are vanguards of nation-building by maintaining a sense of social awareness in our activities.

Executive Teams


Activity Monitoring Team

  • AMT maintains the quality of activities of the organizations through evaluations

Organizational Research and Development

  • ORGRES innovates current processes and systems that are being implemented inside CSO

Training and Development

  • T&D trains and develops the future leaders of CSO


Civic Awareness and Responsibility

  • CARE implements and monitors all socio-civic initiatives and advocacies

Projects and Linkages

  • P&L implements various projects and builds partnerships with external institutions

Publicity and Marketing

  • P&M is responsible for the branding of CSO by means of creative information dissemination and marketing and solicitations


Activity Documentations and Management

  • ADM collects and manages all post-activity requirements of the organizations

Activity Processing and Screening

  • APS approves the activities of the organizations



  • FINANCE assures the efficient flow and maximum of the financial transactions of the organizations

Professional Organizations

Special Interest and Socio Civic, College of Computer Science, College of Education
ASPIRE – Alliance of Special Interest and Socio Civic Organizations

College of Science
ASO – Alliance of Science Organizations

College of Liberal Arts
CAP11 – College of Liberal Arts Professional Organizations

College of Engineering
ENGAGE – Engineering Alliance Geared Towards Excellence

College of Business and School of Economics
PROBE – Alliance of Professional Organizations of Business and Economics