The Bids Committee develops, recommends and implements policies and procedures regarding bidding activities.  This committee is also responsible for evaluating and awarding major purchasing commitments of the University

The Bids Committee is composed of the following members;

(Composition of the Bids Committee)
Regular Members
Alternate Members:
​Chair ​(Senior Consultant to the President​)​ Ms. Teresita M.Baes Ms. Ma. Inores C. Palmes
 Member (Vice Chancellor for Administration) Dr. Arnel Onesimo O. Uy Ms. Karen R. Hebron
Member (Office of the President) Br. Roberto O. Casingal, FSC Br. Hans S. Moran, FSC 


Bids Committee Resolutions:
Pursuant to the authority of the Bids Committee to promulgate policies, rules and procedures relating to procurement, the following resolutions were passed.