About the Office

The Procurement Office operates under the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Services. It is located at the 2nd Floor of Warehouse Building.

The office is in charge of all requisitions and purchases of equipment, furniture and fixtures, other materials and services for the University.


The Procurement Office, with the cooperation of the different departments in the DLSU community, envisions itself to become a leader in its field. It aims to have world class operations and to becoming a model of efficiency in procuring goods and services.


Guided by Lasallian values, the Procurement Office is committed to facilitate a fair and cost-efficient procurement system of goods and services for the University. It aims to employ the most effective and innovative methods for procuring quality goods and services. It also provides policies that foster an ethical, responsive, and efficient environment for procuring goods and services, recognizing the department’s obligation not only to the end-users but also to the different suppliers. Lastly, the Office aims to achieve the highest standards of service and continuously strives for improvement.

Contact Us

Procurement Office
2nd Floor Warehouse Building 2401 Taft Avenue 1004 Manila, Philippines
(632) 524-4611 (local 630)