Bachelor of Arts (AB) in Political Science
Degree Codes: Program- AB Plan- AB-PLS

The Department of Political Science was established at a time of political crisis in the country. The institutionalization of a separate Political Science Department took almost 20 years, as long as the process that eventually led to a change of leaders in 1986. The division of the former Department of History and Political Science was brought about by two pressing needs: the need to contribute to the development of the discipline in the Philippines and the need to promote academic inquiry into the country's problems. From 1984 to January 1997, De La Salle University was one of the few academic institutions in the Philippines to have a separate Political Science department.

The department has retooled its flagship undergraduate program by upgrading its core courses and introducing new ones. Upgraded core courses will provide students with the essential theoretical and methodological background to the study of politics. Subsequently, this will be fine-tuned through the practicum program.

Basic Courses

Politics and Governance (POLIGOV) 3 units
This introductory course aims to provide students with a systematic overview of the political world, with particular attention to the Philippine experience. It introduces students to the fundamental concepts, theories and methods in the study of politics. It also examines the structures, processes and environment that shape contemporary power relations and have a significant bearing on the practice of politics and governance.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Major Courses

Major Year 1, Second Term

Political Analysis (POLIANA) 3 units
Study of the various concepts, models, approaches and theories (e. g., traditional, behavioralist, post-behavioralist, structuralist, post-structuralist schools and micro and macro approaches/models) that serve as basis of inquiry into political and social phenomena.
Prerequisite: POLIGOV

Political Theory One (POLTONE) 3 units
Study of traditional political philosophies (Western and Asian) from the classical to the medieval period.
Prerequisite: POLIGOV

Public Administration (PUBLICA) 3 units
Study of concepts, principles and theories in public policy formulation and implementation, including a discussion of the structure, processes of and issues in Philippine bureaucracy and local government.
Prerequisite: POLIGOV

Comparative Politics (COMPOLI) 3 units
Study of the concepts, principles, theories and approaches used in comparing states and their political institutions, processes and public policies.
Prerequisite: POLIGOV

Major Year 1, Third Term

Political Theory Two (POLTTWO) 3 units
Study of political philosophies from Humanism to Scientific Socialism. Discussion of political and constitutional ideas in Philippine history and contemporary society.
Prerequisite: POLTONE

Policy Analysis and Design (POLIDES) 3 units
Examination of the policy process from agenda-setting to policy implementation and evaluation. The course focuses on the major models, approaches and analytic tools used in analyzing, evaluating and designing effective public policies.
Prerequisite: PUBLICA

International Relations (INTEREL) 3 units
Study of concepts, principles and theories of international relations. Examination of foreign policy objectives and techniques.

Political Economy (POLITEC) 3 units
Study of various concepts, principles and theories of political economy, including the dynamic interplay between political and economic forces and processes.

Major Year 2, First Term

Seminar in Governance (GOVERNA) 3 units
The course integrates and synthesizes concepts and issues in public management and governance as well as political development.
Prerequisites: PUBLICA, POLIDES

Comparative Government (COMPGOV) 3 units
Application of major concepts and theories of comparative politics to political structures and processes, electoral and party systems, and public policies of selected industrialized and developing countries. Includes a discussion of the political development and democratization of selected developing countries.
Prerequisite: COMPOLI

Political Research (POLTRES) 3 units
Examination of methodological issues involved in the study of politics, society and government, as well as the scientific method and the logic of social inquiry. Students are expected to formulate a research proposal.
Prerequisite: POLIANA

Political Science Elective One (ELECPO1) 3 units

Major Year 2, Second Term

Seminar in International Relations (SEMIREL) 3 units
Focuses on contemporary global issues, including regional arrangements such as ASEAN, NAFTA and APEC.
Prerequisite: INTEREL

Seminar in Political Economy (POLECOS) 3 units
Discussion of selected contemporary issues in political economy at both the domestic and international levels.
Prerequisite: POLITEC

Political Science Elective Two (ELECPO2) 3 units

Political Science Elective Three (ELECPO3) 3 units

Major Year 2, Third Term

Practicum (PRCPOM1) 3 units 120 hrs.

Political Science Senior Seminar (POLSSEM) 3 units
Integrating seminar for political science major students. Students are required to write and present a major research paper on an approved topic in political science.