The Department of Political Science was established at a time of political crisis in the country. The institutionalization of a separate Political Science Department took almost 20 years, as long as the process that eventually led to a change of leaders in 1986. The division of the former Department of History and Political Science was brought about by two pressing needs: the need to contribute to the development of the discipline in the Philippines, and the need to promote academic inquiry into the country’s problems. From 1984 to January 1997, De La Salle University was one of the few academic institutions in the Philippines to have a separate Political Science department.

The department has retooled its flagship undergraduate program by upgrading its core courses and introducing new ones. Upgraded core courses will provide students with the essential theoretical and methodological background to the study of politics. Subsequently, this will be fine-tuned through the practicum program.


The Political Science Department of De La Salle University seeks to be an international center of higher learning, research, and advocacy in politics, governance, and development studies. In line with this vision, the Department's mission is three-fold: 

  • To produce future leaders and citizens who are informed, critical, and active in development and other societal concerns;
  • To generate and apply state-of-the-art knowledge in politics, governance, and development using innovative, comprehensive, and rigorous methods; and
  • To actively engage global, regional, and national policy networks and political leaders through research-based information.

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Political Science

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