Student Media Office

The Student Media Office (SMO) provides the university community with news, information and a forum for the exchange of ideas, while also providing a learning environment for students.

SMO offers programs and services that aim to train and form responsible, responsive and ethical Lasallian campus media practitioners. It also ensures the smooth flow in the operations of the major student media groups.

It is home to the best student media groups in the country, namely Ang Pahayagang Plaridel, Green & White, Green Giant FM, Malate Literary Folio, The LaSallian, and The Tripod Society.

It will soon go multimedia as it sets up the country’s first Media and Arts Center. With this project, expect SMO to conquer other platforms like mobile and television in its quest to reach out to a wider audience base in the near future.

We invite you to join us in this journey as we continue to produce the best journalists, creative writers, artists, photographers, yearbook managers, and disc jockeys in the country.


A leading learner-centered student media resource dedicated to developing responsible, responsive and ethical student media practitioners who are agents for social transformation.


In pursuing this vision, the Student Media Office shall endeavor to:

  • Form and develop responsible, responsive and ethical Lasallian student media practitioners who are agents for social transformation
  • Provide efficient and effective support in the performance of student media operations
  • Increase the audience reach of student media groups by nurturing a research culture that aims to develop technologies on student media