Bachelor of Science in Premed Physics
Degree Codes: Program- BPMPH Plan- BPMPH

People pursuing a career in medicine often take BS Biology as their premed course. This is however, not the only path available for future physicians. As advance in knowledge become increasingly multi-disciplinary in nature, a preparation other than the usual offers different perspectives that often result in new and better ways of doing things. The BS Premed Physic program is a nine-trimester premed program, satisfying all requirements for a premed course, thus enabling graduates to proceed to medical school right away after passing the National Medical Admission Test (NMAT).

The program offers a different perspective to preparation for medical school by concentrating on the applications of physics in medicine. It is hoped that the graduates of the program will become technologically-adept and technically-oriented physicians, traits that are increasingly useful in the modern practice of medicine. Being in a trimestral program allows you to shorten the preparation for medicine by one year.

BS PREMED PHYSICS Core and Specialization Courses (pdf/58kb)