The icon for the School of Economics is a stylized rendition of a sphere with a sliced part. This symbol represents both the macro and micro levels of economics. The slice, a portion of the whole, stands for what economics is all about–a study of labor, land, and investments; of money, income, and production; and of taxes and government expenditures of a particular society. 

From the DLSU website


The School of Economics is a community of distinguished educators, research scholars, and students imbued with Lasallian values, committed to the development needs of the country and the region, and driven by a lifelong desire to make a significant contribution to economic science.


Guided by this vision, the School will endeavor to achieve international recognition and become and important participant in economic inquiry in East Asia.

Its core resource is a pool of scholars who will expand the boundaries of theoretical and empirical economic knowledge through excellence in instruction and research.

its mandate is to nurture graduates with Lasallian values who have a mastery of the state-of-the-art in economics, strong analytical and expository skills, and a passion to improve the human condition.

The research it produces will initiate discussions on key economic and social issues, contribute to intelligent policy debate, and spur the development of innovative curricular programs.

By providing expert advice to government, the business sector, civil society, and international development agencies, it will make significant contributions to the building of a prosperous and equitable society.

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