DE graduate courses

ECO505C  Mathematical economics
Functions, differentiation and integration, matrix algebra, input-output analysis, game theory, optimization.

ECO506C Economic statistics
Probability theory, distributions, large sample theory, statistical inference and tests of hypotheses.

ECO507C Microeconomics
Theory of the consumer, theory the firm, optimization and economic behavior, general equilibrium analysis.

ECO508C Macroeconomics
Closed economy macroeconomics, policy implications and economic applications.

ECO605C Seminar on development policy research
Policy research and issues in economic development, multidimensional aspects of economic development and issues in economic growth.

ECO606C Applied econometrics
Econometric models, econometric estimation methods and processes, parameter testing.

ECO607C Time series econometrics
Time series data and models, applications to macroeconomics and financial economics, trends and cycles, seasonal effects, nonstationarity.

ECO608C Development issues in microeconomics
Application of microeconomic theory to issues and policy formulation in economic development.

ECO609C Development issues in macroeconomics
Topics in open economy macroeconomics and application to issues in economic development, population, international trade, financial systems, monetary institutions and their role in economic development.

MAE graduate courses

ECO501M  Mathematical economics
Concepts in elementary set theory, topics from the theory of functions, methods from differentiation and integration, tools of linear algebra, economic applications.

ECO502M Economic statistics
Introduction to statistics and probability theory, random variables and expectations, special distributions, tests of hypotheses.

ECO503M Consumer and firm theory (Microeconomics 1)
Theory of consumer behavior and the firm, market structure, general equilibrium, and welfare economics, implications on resource allocation of changes in prices, quantities, and policies on resource allocation.

ECO504M Closed economy macroeconomics (Macroeconomics 1)
Income determination and the dynamics of income changes, dynamics of investment, aggregate consumption, government spending, and the trading and monetary sectors.

ECO601M Applied econometrics (Research Methods 1)
Applications of techniques in economic research using applied econometrics.

ECO602M Time series econometrics (Research Methods 2)
Applications of techniques in economic research using time series econometrics.

ECO603M Industrial organization (Microeconomics 2)
Welfare economics and market failure, economics of information, principal-agent problems, economics of organization and management.

ECO604M Macroeconomics for managers (Macroeconomics 2)
Aggregate demand and aggregate supply, macroeconomics of the labor market, growth theory and open macroeconomics.

ECO701M International economics and finance
Theory of international trade, movement of capital, implications to economic development, individual welfare and international business operations.

ECO702M Money and banking
Money and the national economy, monetarism, fiscal versus monetary influences, commercial banking and its creation, principles of bank management.

ECO703M Financial economics
Theory of the economics of financial markets and development of individual corporate valuation.

ECO704M Portfolio theory and investment analysis
Market strategies in managing portfolio and investment, applications.

MSc and PhD graduate courses

Unless otherwise noted, each course has credit equivalent to three units
(note: M = MSc, D = PhD, 6u = six units)

Mathematical economics, and econometric analysis

ECO990M/D  Mathematical economics (6u)
Topics in set theory, functions, limits and continuity, differentiation and integration, linear algebra and matrix theory, topological preliminaries, static optimization, economic applications.

ECO529M/D Dynamic optimization
Introduction to linear difference and differential equations, systems of equations, calculus of variations and optimal control theory, discrete time dynamic optimization, introduction to chaos theory, economic applications.

ECO513M/D Economic statistics
Review of elementary concepts of statistics, elementary probability theory, discrete and continuous random variables, expectations and higher moments, special distributions, tests of hypotheses, moment generating functions, applications.

ECO717M/D Microeconometrics
Regression models using cross section data, panel data, households and firms surveys, census.

ECO718M/D Macroeconometrics
Structural models, simultaneous linear equations models, regression models with lagged variables, dynamic regression models, vector autoregression models.

Economic theory

ECO515M/D Microeconomics 1
Theory of production and individual choice, markets and competition, tools of comparative statics, applications to price theory.

ECO516M/D Macroeconomics 1
Economic fluctuations, incomplete nominal adjustments and microeconomic foundations, rational expectations and the Lucas critique, intrinsic dynamics, theories on unemployment and stabilization policies.

ECO615D Advanced microeconomics 2
Competitive markets, externalities and public goods, focus on the theory of industrial organization, informational asymmetry, adverse selection, signalling and screening, principal agent problems.

ECO616D Advanced macroeconomics 2
The current account, real exchange rate determination and terms of trade, uncertainties and imperfections in financial markets, link between trade and growth.

ECO815D Advanced microeconomics 3
General equilibrium and welfare, foundation of competitive equilibria and positive theory of equilibrium, uncertainty and dynamic general equilibria.

ECO816D Advanced macroeconomics 3
Dynamic macroeconomic theory and growth, optimal consumption and asset pricing, multiple equilibria, investment, optimal monetary and fiscal policies.

Electives (cognates)

ECO711M/D International trade
Theories in international trade, capital mobility, implications on economic development.

ECO712M/D International finance
The balance of payments, foreign exchange markets, interest rates differential across countries, portfolio investment in emerging markets, risk evaluation and diversification, international monetary standards, international banking and debt.

ECO714M/D Public finance
Domestic resource mobilization by the public sector, taxation incidences, equity, theory of public expenditure, welfare optimization.

ECO715M/D Monetary economics
Money  and monetary policy, the banking sector, macroprudential issues.

ECO716M/D Financial economics
Theory and development of financial markets and individual cooperative valuation.

ECO720M/D Economics of regional integration
Rationale of regional economic integration particularly for smaller countries, liberalization policies in the areas of international trade, investment, and finance, economic and political institutional framework that will strengthen efforts towards regional economic integration.

ECO740M/D Labor economics
Theoretical and empirical modelling of labor market behavior, labor supply and demand, human capital theory, wage structure, determination, and wage inequality, turnover, search, and labor mobility.

ECO811M/D History of economic thought
Political economy from Adam Smith to Karl Marx, marginalist revolution, Alfred Marshall and economics, John Maynard Keynes and macroeconomics.

ECO812M/D Philippine economic history
Philippine economic institutions from the native society to the colonial regimes of Spain and America, invasions of Britain and Japan, postwar development issues.

ECO817M/D Special topics
For MSc and PhD graduate students.

Research courses

ECO619D Methods of research
(insert course description here).

ECO851M Thesis proposal (6u)
Master’s thesis.

ECO852M Thesis writing and defense (6u)
Continuation of ECO851M.

ECO861D Dissertation proposal (6u)
Doctoral dissertation.

ECO862D Dissertation writing and defense (6u)
Continuation of ECO861D.