Master in Applied Economics (MAE)

Coursework and plan of study (36 units)
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Term 1
ECO501M Mathematical economics
ECO502M Economic statistics

Term 2
ECO503M Microeconomics
ECO504M Macroeconomics

Term 3
ECO603M Welfare economics and market failure
ECO604M Macroeconomics for managers

Term 4
ECO702M Money and banking
ECO703M Financial economics

Term 5
ECO601M Applied econometrics
ECO701M International finance

Term 6
ECO620M Time series econometrics
ECO704M Portfolio Management

University policy on graduate programs

To be in good academic standing, a student must:

  1. maintain a cumulative general point average of 2.5, 
  2. not obtain a grade of 0.0 in at least two three-unit courses.
  3. obtain a grade of at least 2.0 in every course taken in the program.