The Professional Learning Community (PLC)

About PLCs

PLCs started during the academic year 2013-14, as part of the major initiatives of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academics (VCA). These groups play an important role in the innovation of pedagogy, curriculum, administration, and other issues commonly shared by units within DLSU (details at the DLSU website).

In support of this initiative, SOE have a number of PLCs that meet regularly and continuously updating on specified areas to support existing functions of the School. Faculty members are not limited to a single PLC, and may opt to join other groups in which they are interested to join. Listed are the working PLCs of SOE, to date (note that this list is updated regularly with the developments happening in both academic and non-academic functions of SOE).

A special PLC, also convened by the VCA, is the Scholarship and Innovation in Learning and Teaching, in which SOE is an active participant.  This specifically focuses on learning intervention, curricular enhancement, reflections on pedagogical framework, among others.

PLCs of the School of Economics

Introductory economics, and
​applied economics for senior high school
Members: Casas, Castillo*, Conchada, Dabbay, L Lim, Rapada, Sauler, Tomaliwan, Villanueva

Members: Austria, Castell, Dabbay, Dacuycuy, D Lim, L Lim,Sauler*, Tomaliwan

Mathematical economics
Members: Abueg*, Casas, Dacuycuy, D Lim, Rapada, Sauler, Villanueva

Microeconomics, and game theory
Members: Dacuycuy, D Lim*, Sauler

Undergraduate practicum
Members: Abueg*, Dabbay, Lamberte, Rapada, Sauler, Tomaliwan

*PLC leader