The term “Graduation” refers to the completion of an academic degree, whether at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Formal ceremonies, referred to as the Commencement Exercises, are held three (3) times a year, as follows:

  • Graduates of Term 1 - October
  • Graduates of Term 2 - February
  • Graduates of Term 3 and summer - June

Graduation, however, is not automatic. A student needs to apply to graduate. Because of the peculiarities of the undergraduate and graduate programs, the procedures for application to graduate are different.

Application to Graduate (Undergraduate)

Students need not be absolutely certain of passing their remaining courses/subjects to apply for graduation.

Students enrolling for the ultimate (last) term are deemed to be graduating. It is important that students indicate during the on-line enrollment, done on Week 10 of the penultimate (second to the last) term, that they are graduating.

The on-line enrollment system prompts the question: Are you graduating at the end of the term you are enrolling for?

This allows the system to tag students as graduating. With this, the Office of the University Registrar is prompted to review and evaluate the academic records of these students, in preparation for their application to graduate.

To apply to graduate, the steps below must be followed:

1. On-Line ‘Apply to Graduate’

In the My.LaSalle account, click ‘Apply to Graduate.’

This facility is available from Mondays to Fridays (0800 to 2000) and Saturdays (0800 to 1200) during the schedule provided by the Office of the University Registrar, usually starting on Week 5 to the end of Week 8 of the term.

The students are able to view their personal and basic academic information through the on-line application to graduate. Students who need to make corrections in their records should proceed to the Front Desk of the Office of the University Registrar within the application to graduate period.

2. Assessment of Fees

Immediately after one (1) week from the on-line application to graduate to get their assessment of fees, the students should proceed to the Front Desk of the Office of the University Registrar.

3. Payment of Fees

After securing the assessment of fees, the students need to pay at the Accounting Office within three (3) working days.

4. Verification of List of Graduates

On the designated dates for verification (Please see Schedule of Graduation Activities), the students should check their name, degree, and awards (if any) against the list posted at the bulletin board (fronting the football field) of the Office of the University Registrar or through the internet at this page.

Application to Graduate (Masters and Doctorate)

Students enrolling in their last requirement for the completion of their masters or doctoral programs are deemed graduating students.

The following are the steps in the application to graduate:

1. Final Program Requirement

Depending on the program, students should enroll in Final Thesis/Dissertation Defense or Oral Comprehensive Examination (OCE) within the applicable enrollment period (Please see Academic Calendar for deadlines).

Upon enrollment at the Office of the University Registrar, students should secure

(a) An Application to Graduate (OUR Form No. S-01) and the
(b) Assessment of Graduation Fees.

2. Payment of Fees

Upon completion of the final requirement, students need to pay at the Accounting Office.

3. Submission of Requirements

After a successful final defense, students need to submit the following to their academic department:

(a) Three (3) of the five (5) signed CDs the other two CDs are copies of and are retained by the department. The CDs and the transparent cases are appropriately labeled as Follows:

Title of thesis dissertation:

Program:(e.g., PhD in Development Studies

Name of school:De La Salle University-Manila

Name of student:Last name, first name, middle name

Month and year of completion:e.g., July 2004

Name of faculty of adviser:Title, First name, middle initial, last name

(b) Approval sheet with complete signatures;

(c) Application to Graduate online through MLS

(d) Photocopy of Official Receipt for the (payment of graduation and other fees)

Deadlines for submission should be checked with the academic departments.

4. Toga Measurement

Students who have submitted the requirements to the academic departments should have their toga measurements taken and pay for the toga rental during designated schedules (Please see Schedule of Graduation Activities).

5. Verification of List of Graduates

On the designated dates for verification (Please see Schedule of Graduation Activities), the students should check their name, degree, and awards (if any) against the list posted at the bulletin board (fronting the football field) of the Office of the University Registrar or through this page

Graduation Preparation

Below are reminders for graduating students:

Graduation Preparation
Tickets for PICC
Graduating students are not issued PICC tickets. Instead, their
DLSU ID shall be used to enter PICC on the day of the Commencement Exercises.

Lost tickets cannot be replaced.

Two (2) tickets are allotted to every graduating student for parents/guests.

Students graduating with Latin Honors, Distinctions, and University Special Awards are given reserved seats.

Guest tickets issued are monitored by serial numbers. Please do not sell them to the scalpers

Semi-formal* with academic attire shall be used for the following activities:

Baccalaureate Mass and Recognition Ceremonies· Class Picture-Taking·

Commencement Exercises

Semi-formal attire means—Men: Slacks and long sleeves polo, or, barong

Ladies: Dress, or blouse and skirt, with closed leather shoes with heels.

The academic attire will be distributed on the specified schedule. Upon receipt of the academic attire, students should check if they were given a complete set of the academic attire, which should consist of

(a) cap
(b) gown and
(c) hood
(d) class pin.

The academic attire must be fit immediately. Only academic attire with wrong specifications from what has been indicated in the application to graduate will be replaced by the supplier.

Academic attires not claimed within the schedule will be released only after the Graduation Rehearsal. Students without academic attires will not be allowed to join the Baccalaureate Mass and the Class Picture-Taking.

Academic attires must be returned following the specified procedures, schedule, and venues.

Photo/Video Coverage
The graduation committee has authorized Florofoto-School Pictures, Inc. to provide the exclusive photo/video coverage.Freelance photographers at PICC will not be permitted inside Plenary Hall.

Florofoto offers the following packages if ordered and paid at DLSU:

Photo Coverage (P400.00), consisting of:

  • Class Picture (5x7, color)
  • Receiving of Diploma (5x7, color)
  • Picture with Parents (5x7, color)

Video Coverage (P500.00) VCD format

Payments to Florofoto are scheduled simultaneously with the distribution of the academic attire.

Immediately after the Baccalaureate Mass and Recognition Ceremonies, class pictures will be taken in the specified venue,
following the per college sequence below:

  • College of Business and Economics
  • College of Liberal Arts
  • College of Engineering
  • College of Computer Studies
  • College of Science
  • College of Education
  • Graduate School of Business

The order of class picture-taking shall be strictly followed. Late comers cannot be accommodated.The schedule per college includes those graduating from college, masters and doctoral programs.

The schedule for the Graduate School of Business includes those graduating from MBA, MSCF, DBA programs.

Graduation pictures may be claimed at De La Salle University on the schedule and in the venue specified or at the office of Florofoto if claiming will be done after the schedule. Graduates must bring their DLSU ID and Official Receipt.

Baccalaureate Mass and Recognition Ceremonies
Because of the limited seating capacity of the Most Blessed Sacrament Chapel, this event is exclusively for the graduates.

Students receiving awards are advised to come early and sit at the main level.Students unable to receive their medals during the Recognition Ceremonies may get them after the Graduation Rehearsal at the rehearsal venue.

The following awards are exclusively given at the Commencement Exercises:
  • Latin Honors (Summa, Magna, Cum Laude)
  • Distinctions (with High Distinction, with Distinction)
  • University Special Awards (Connon, Student Leadership,
  • Community Development Leadership, and Athletics)

The following awards are exclusively given at the Baccalaureate Mass and Recognition Ceremonies, but are mentioned during the Commencement Exercises:

  • Honorable Mention
  • Departmental (e.g., excellence, outstanding thesis/dissertation)
  • Loyalty awards
All other awards are given at the College Recognition Rites.
Graduation Rehearsal
Attendance in the Graduation Rehearsal is a must for those
participating in the Commencement Exercises at the PICC.

Students should be at the Graduation Rehearsal venue on timeStaff from the Office of the University Registrar and the Accounting Office will be at the venue for Graduation Rehearsal to accept requests and payments for Transcript of Records and certifications.

No request will be entertained at the Front Desk on this day.

Schedule of Graduation Activities

View the Schedule of Graduation Activities.