Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering is the disciplined, systematic, and holistic approach to the management of human resources, equipment, materials, capital, energy, information, and its environment.  It covers three major areas of study namely; Production and Operations Management, Operations Research or Management Science, and Human Factors Engineering or Ergonomics.  It seeks to design and/or improve systems to achieve maximum efficiency, effectiveness, quality, and investment return; minimum waste, losses, and costs; improve employee satisfaction, welfare, and performance; manage impact of business operations in its environment.

The Department of Industrial Engineering is recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as a Center of Excellence.


We envision DLSU-IE to be an internationally recognized academic leader in creating, disseminating, and applying systems engineering innovations to spearhead sustainable industry and national development.


Our mission is to create knowledge, promote innovation, and design systems improvements for the benefit of industry and government by: (1) crafting relevant curricula; (2) mentoring students to be technically competent Industrial Engineers and life-long learners; and (3) conducting progressive researches geared towards national and international development.

We shall be guided by faith, ethics, and morals in our pursuit of efficiency, proficiency, and sustainability.


The Industrial Engineering Program of DLSU was established in 1971 to fulfill the growing demand for industrial engineers. The degree courses offered by the Department of Industrial Engineering include the following: