The Lasallian Mission at DLSU is essentially the mission of the entire University community as expressed in its Vision-Mission Statement. Each member is invited to integrate this Mission with their specific role and expertise; whether in administration, academics or research, contributing their part to the University becoming a resource for Church and nation.

Recognizing that the Lasallian Mission involves all personnel and functions in De La Salle University, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Lasallian Mission and its constituent bodies exist to provide Lasallian formation for all members of the University community.

Ultimately, the goal of its efforts towards faith formation and community engagement is to help DLSU become more and more a school of and for the poor.

DLSU is a school of the poor in as far as the Lasallian community is committed to providing full scholarships to at least 20% of its total population. It means that 1 out of every 5 students will be from the most disadvantaged groups in society.

More importantly, DLSU is a school for the poor. This means that every academic department has to integrate relevant community engagement programs into their curriculum. As an institution for higher learning, academic departments of the university must seek, wherever possible, to use their unique expertise to conduct research on poverty in all its forms and more importantly, develop sustainable solutions towards eradicating it.


Office of the Vice President for Lasallian Mission

Rm. 1511, Henry Sy, Sr. Hall

De La Salle University

2401 Taft Avenue Manila

Trunkline: (632) 524-4611 loc. 120, 280

Telefax: (632) 5256014

Direct Line: (632) 5360268

E-mail: lasallianmission@dlsu.edu.ph