Lawrence B. Dacuycuy
[email protected]


Areas of Interest

  • DSGE Models for Business Fluctuations and Cycles
  • Forecasting and Simulation
  • Intergenerational Social Mobility
  • Human Capital, Skills, and Occupational Choice
  • Labor Markets and Informal Economy

Selected Publications

  • Understanding the Educational Mobility of Men and Women and the Schooling Progression of Boys and Girls in the Philippines: A Regional Perspective (Connie B. Dacuycuy). In C.B. Dacuycuy (Ed.). Outside Looking In: Gendered Perspectives in Work and Education. Quezon City: Philippine Institute for Development Studies. 2019;
  • Decomposing temporal changes in covariate contributions to wage inequality (Connie B. Dacuycuy). Applied Economics Letters. 2012;
  • Explaining male wage inequality in the Philippines: nonparametric and semiparametric approaches. Applied Economics. 2006;
  • Wages, Housework and Attitudes in the Philippines. (Connie B. Dacuycuy) Journal of Asian and African Studies. 2017;
  • On Implementation Delays, Marginal Costs and Price Dynamics: A Theoretical Note with Implications for the Philippines. (Dickson Lim and Mariel Monica Sauler). The DLSU Business and Economics Review. 2019.