Special Interest and Socio Civic

ASPIRE – Alliance of Special Interest and Socio Civic Organizations

College of Computer Studies

La Salle Computer Society (LSCS)
The La Salle Computer Society is the only professional organization of the college of computer studies. The organization aims to develop its member to become professionals in the field of Information Technology. It holds various activities that mainly support the academic curricula of the college. LSCS enables students to become competent and well-rounded Lasallian IT professionals.

College of Education

Union of Students Inspired Towards Education (UNITED)
The Union of Students Inspired Towards Education, or UNITED, is the professional organization of the College of Education guided by the LaSallian principle, working with the heart to live a life of service to teach minds, touch hearts and transform lives.

UNITED strives for excellence, prioritizing the needs of Education students. This organization aims to ignite passion for Education and to mold students to become advocates of Education who will contribute to the Philippine Educational System. Also, UNITED provides venues for socio-civic activities promoting social awareness and for character development activities enhancing professional and personal skills maximizing student’s potential.

ENGLICOM - DLSU Filipino & Chinese Organization
ENGLICOM was established way 1964 making it one of the oldest organization in De La Salle University. Its purpose is awakening the Filipino and Filipino- Chinese consciousness by instilling a Filipino identity, social awareness, and a sense of compassion and unity through nation building. ENGLICOM believes in long-term development of both its members and the communities it serves, by being a venue for personal growth and leadership, as well as for building skulls and instilling socio-civic responsibility. However, in addition to looking toward the future, ENGLICOM celebrates its past by appreciating both Filipino and Chinese culture and by being an organization where all can have fun and enjoy.

Rotaract Club of DLSU- ROTARACT
The ROTARACT Club of DLSU is part of a global effort to bring peace and international understanding to the world. To achieve this, it aims to develop its members and communities holistically and to think, speak, and live the four-way test of Rotary International: (1) Is it the truth? (2) Is it fair to all concerned? (3) Will it bring goodwill and better friendship? And (4) Will it be beneficial to all concerned? The organization also prides itself with molding future leaders who initiate change, development and awareness through selfless service, honing leadership and professional skills and strengthening bonds and international linkages; and most importantly; Rotaract Club of DLSU brings one a whole lot of fun-filled activities and heartwarming experiences.

United International Student Organization (UNISTO)
UNISTO is focused on the rights and development of International Students studying at De La Salle University - Manila. Its goals are to further awareness of the International Student population to the students, faculty and personnel involved with DLSU while forming camaraderie among International and Filipino students. Through celebration of all represented cultures and exploration into the foreign culture that its members reside in, UNISTO hopes to further the spirit of respect and multiculturalism that transcends beliefs and nationality.

AIESEC De La Salle University hones its members by through an integrated global learning experience better known as the AIESEC experience. This training includes the exchange program, leadership opportunities and participation in a global training environment such as local, national and international conferences. AIESEC believes everyone possesses the potential of being a leader and through AIESEC it is up to you to discover and develop your skills.

Being in existence in nineteen other prominent universities in the country, AIESEC continues to offer its members activities ranging from team building, social activities and seminars to inter-school, national and international conferences. These activities mold our members to play smartly keeping the essence of a hard worker. Through this, a global network will start to grow from you. From dealing with exchange participants from other countries to being an exchange trainee sent elsewhere, it is a challenge up to you to take. Thus, if you want to step up and take this challenge, AIESEC is what you need.

Moomedia is a special interest organization in De La Salle University that promotes, nurtures, and fosters an appreciation towards the entire spectrum of arts practice. It is geared towards providing outstanding venues for students of the Lasallian community to understand the significance of digital arts, animation, and multimedia. In line with this vision, the organization is open to all students especially those who want to unleash their expertise in this field. Furthermore, Moomedia seeks to hone creative skills of its members through discovering and exploring the evolving nature of digital media and its applications in the areas of interactive and information technology. This organization assures to allow students to express their innovative ideas through having a wider communication given by such technology, and to understand its provocative role in social awareness and nation building.

Outdoor Club (OC)
The DLSU Outdoor Club is a leading college outdoor club in the Philippines committed to provide vast outdoor activities, to develop nationalistic and competitive members, and to produce prime movers for sustainable development. Where the members believe in the nature’s intrinsic worth and also provide recreational opportunity, spiritual renewal, and ecological and economic health for the country. By becoming involved in the outdoors, people come to understand the value of a clean and healthy environment. They learn to appreciate the delicate balance of nature while experiencing the recreational opportunities that nature has to offer. The organization will build a constituency of dedicated individuals who can play a critical role in ensuring the future of environmental treasurers and cherished outdoor traditions.

Writers’ Guild (WG)
“More than words...”

Writers’ Guild aims to generate an initiative for writing within its members by providing ways for them to learn to appreciate writing through honing their literary writing skills as well as incorporating technical and course related writing.

Writers’ Guild: Redefine Writing

De La Salle University - Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO)
De La Salle University – Environmental Conservation Organization (DLSU-E.C.O.) is a student organization that focuses on sustainability and environment which also promotes student’s welfare, good health, disaster response and environmental awareness through ECO Adventure Activities that are founded on the Experiential Learning Mode which believes that there is no better way to learn than to have a direct experience with the environment; emphasizing that there are things that can only be learned from actual hands-on experiences that cannot be learned in simple abstract means.

Gakuen Anime Shoshiki (GAS)
Gakuen Anime Soshiki is a community of people with a common interest for Anime, Cartoons, Games, Epics, Novels, Films, K-pop, J-pop and other media culture that creates an interactive and socially relevant community which aims to inspire, encourage and enhance the talents and skills of Lasallians through immersion in different Media Culture.