DLSU, through BAGCED, entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Knowledge Channel Foundation Incorporated, along with four other teacher education institutes and universities – ADMU, PNU, UST, and UP.

The nature of the partnership is a certificate program for basic education teachers from impoverished areas.  Titled Program for Inclusive and Innovative Master Education (PRIME), the certificate program aims to implement a professional development program for primary school teachers serving in challenging and at-risk contexts. The program aims to help upgrade young, beginning teachers’ competencies to become better primary school teachers.

Five courses form this program:

  1. Foundational Course
  2. Best Practices in Literacy, Oracy and Numeracy in the Primary Years
  3. Education Technology
  4. Universal Design for Learning and Teaching to the Context
  5. Capstone

These five courses are distributed among the five universities.  Each university leads in writing the syllabus and the modules for that course and in teaching it.

The participants in the program will undergo a modular program delivered with the aid of technology.  Using a blended learning approach via a designated LMS, the participants will engage the course facilitator(s) and fellow participants online prior to and after a week-long face-to-face meeting.

It is the hope of the organizers of this program that the participants will pursue a full master’s degree after completing the certificate program.



“For further details, please email the DLSU Project Lead, Dr. Aireen Arnuco, at aireen.arnuco@dlsu.edu.ph.”