Office of the Dean, Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC College of Education

Dean Dr. Raymund C. Sison
Associate Dean Dr. Aireen B. Arnuco
Assistant Dean, Research and Advanced Studies (RAS) Dr. Lydia S. Roleda
Assistant Dean for External Affairs and Lasallian Mission Dr. Abdul Jhariel M. Osman
Counseling and Educational Psychology Department (CEPD)
Chair Dr. Estesa Xaries Q. Legaspi
Vice Chair Ms. Christine Joy A. Ballada
Coordinator, Graduate Studies Dr. John Addy S. Garcia
Coordinator, Center for Psychological Well-Being (Community Counseling Center) Dr. Jose Alberto S. Reyes
Department of English and Applied Linguistics (DEAL)
Chair Dr. Rocehelle Irene G. Lucas
Vice Chair Dr. Jose Cristina M. Parina
Director, Graduate Studies Dr. Jose Cristina M. Parina
Coordinator, English Language Laboratory (ELL) Dr. Eden R. Flores
Educational Leadership and Management Department (ELMD)
Chair Dr. Hans Steven M. Moran FSC
Vice Chair Dr. Thelma R. Mingoa
Coordinator, Graduate Studies Dr. Ma. Lourdes Melegrito
Physical Education Department
Chair Dr. Janet S. Mariano
Vice Chair Dr. Ma. Socorro Gigi V. Cordova
Science Education Department (SED)
Chair Dr. Minie Rose C. Lapinid
Chair, LCC Purposive Communication Dr. Sterling M. Plata
Director, Lasallian Institute of Development and Educational Research (LIDER) Dr. Shirley N. Dita
OIC, Center for Languages and Lifelong Learning (CeLL) Ms. Rosanna F. Luz Valerio
Coordinator, St. La Salle Preschool Ms. Kristine U. Hernandez