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employerThe Model Employers in the Philippines
Dr. Divina Edralin, Business Management Department
This two-year research effort, involving 20 companies listed in the Top 1,000 Corporations and 1,937 employees and management representatives showcases the distinguishing Human Resource Management practices

knowledgeMetaphors and the Construction of Knowledge
Dr. Zelinna Cynthia Pablo, Information Technology Department
The study examines metaphors on web-based portals, in particular examining their implications on how knowledge is constructed. Using case methods and discourse analytic techniques, a comparative study was conducted on Web-based portals ....

filipino studentsLanguage Amotivation and Approaches to Learning English among Filipino College Freshmen
Dr. Rochelle Irene Lucas and Dr. Mildred Rojo-Laurilla, Department of English & Applied Linguistics
The present study explores Filipino college freshmen students' approaches to learning in relation to amotivation and related experiences ...

student reading bookTowards Transformative Teaching and Learning in the College of Education: The Journey
Dr. Auxencia Limjap, Science Education Department
Dr. Remedios Miciano and Dr. Leonisa Mojica, Department of English & Applied Linguistics

To help clarify and concretize the philosophy and practice of transformative teaching/learning for the College of Education faculty ...

biofuelPreliminary Evaluation of Biodiesel from Canarium ovatum (Pili) Pulp Oil and Psophocarpus tetragonolobus (Winged bean) Seed Oil
Dr. Luis Razon, Chemical Engineering Department
Biodiesel or fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) derived from triglycerides of vegetable or animal origin has become very attractive because it is biodegradable, it comes from a renewable resource ...

ph bufferingCommercialization of Acidic Geothermal Wells by pH Buffering
Dr. Yolanda Brondial, Chemical Engineering Department
The Philippines being part of the "Pacific Ring of Fire" has abundant geothermal energy. However, since a substantial number of drilled wells produced acidic geofluid with high enthalpy and high wellhead pressure, it becomes imperative to research and develop methods ...

thermodynamicsThermodynamic Analysis of Integration Options to Improve the
Net Energy Balance of Biofuel Production

Dr. Alvin Culaba, Mechanical Engineering Department and
Dr. Raymond Tan, Chemical Engineering Department

A fuzzy linear programming extension of the general life cycle model is described. The model is suitable for applications involving system design and optimization wherein fuzzy target levels for environmental flows ...

aidsParents Living with HIV/AIDS
Dr. Robert Javier, Jr., Psychology Department
This is an exploratory-descriptive research on the lives of mothers and fathers infected with the deadly virus, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The study employed the narrative interview method to generate stories of needs, concerns and experiences of parents living with HIV and the effects

social teachingThe Catholic Social Teachings and the University
Dr. Ferdinand Dagmang, Theology and Religious Education Department
The task of disseminating/teaching the Catholic Social tradition within the University cannot skirt around the person and location of the academician/professor and the hearers' context and concerns. The academician's expertise, exposure to various disciplines ...

familyPreadoption Risk, Adoption Secrecy, and Family
Functioning as Predictors of Adjustment of Filipino Adopted Children

Dr. Ma. Caridad Tarroja, Psychology Department
This study looks into the preadoption risk and postadoption factors (adoption secrecy and family functioning) that significantly predict the adjustment of 32 adopted children.

The Politics of Ethnicity and Self-determination:
The Making and Unmaking of the Moro Secessionist Movement

Dr. Rizal G. Buendia, Political Science Department
This paper is another effort to examine the issue of Muslim separatism. However, unlike other approaches the study analyzes secessionism ...

crossInterreligious Dialogue Since Second Vatican Council: Retrospect and Prospect (In Response to the Call of FABC on Interreligious Dialogue)
Dr. Ismael Maningas, Jr., Theology and Religious Education Department
The last thirty years, have seen ample statements issued at FABC assemblies, seminars and two volumes of the collection of FABC documents from 1970-1991, from 1992-1996 and 1997-2001 published under ...

plantsIsolation, Structure Elucidation and Antimicrobial Assay of Secondary Metabolites from Six Philippine Medicinal Plants
Dr. Consolacion Y. Ragasa, Chemistry Department
The air-dried leaves of Tectona philippinensis, an endemic and endangered Philippine medicinal tree, afforded four new chromomoric acid derivatives (1, 2, 3a and 3b) ...

Dr. Severino Gervacio, Mathematics Department
The first version of GraphTEX (which contains about 55 macros) appeared in 1994. This version of GraphTEXcontains about 168 macros for drawing graphs plus a lot more. Macros for drawing special graphs such as paths, cycles, fans, wheels, complete graphs, complete bipartite graphs ...

particlesQuantum Percolation of Infinitely-Sized Disordered Clusters in Two Dimensions
Dr. Eduardo C. Cuansing, Jr., Physics Department
We study the hopping transport of a quantum particle through finite, randomly diluted percolation clusters in two dimensions. We investigate how the transmission coefficient T behaves as a function of the energy E


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