Office of the Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Dean Dr. Julio C. Teehankee
Vice Dean Dr. Fides A. del Castillo
Behavioral Sciences Department
Chair Dr. Myla M. Arcinas
Vice Chair Dr. Melvin A. Jabar
Department of Communication
Chair Ms. Cheryll Ruth R. Soriano
Vice Chair Dr. Maria Angeli H. Diaz
Coordinator, Graduate Program  Mr. Gerardo A. Mariano
Laboratories Coordinator Dr. Maria Angeli R.H. Diaz
Filipino Department
Chair Dr. Ernesto V. Carandang II
Vice Chair Dr. Rowell D. Madula
Coordinator, Graduate Program      Dr. Raquel Sison-Buban
History Department
Chair Dr. Fernando A. Santiago, Jr.
Vice Chair Dr. Lars Raymund C. Ubaldo
International Studies Department
Chair Dr. Ron Bridget T. Vilog
Vice Chair Dr. Elaine C. Tolentino
Coordinator, Graduate Program Dr. Charmaine M. Willoughby
Literature Department
Chair (OIC) Dr. Jazmin B. Llana
Vice Chair Dr. Jeremy C. de Chavez
Coordinator, Graduate Program __________________
Philosophy Department
Chair Dr. Jeane C. Peracullo
Vice Chair Dr. Elenita R. Garcia
Coordinator, Graduate Program Dr. Hazel T. Biana
Political Science Department
Chair Dr. Eric Vincent C. Batalla
Vice Chair Dr. Ador R. Torneo
Coordinator, Graduate Program Dr. Sherwin E. Ona
Psychology Department
Chair Dr. Ron R. Resurreccion
Vice Chair Ms. Jaymee Abigail K. Pantaleon
Coordinator, Graduate Program Dr. Maria Guadalupe C. Salanga
Theology and Religious Education Department
Chair Dr. Rito V. Baring
Vice Chair Dr. Dorothy P. Javier
Coordinator, Graduate Program Dr. Dorothy P. Javier (OIC)
Director, Research and Advanced Studies Dr. Elenita R. Garcia
Director, External Affairs Dr. Jeremiah Joven B. Joaquin