The Accountancy program prepares students for careers in accounting and related fields, and makes them ready to deal effectively with the problems they will face as professional accountants and responsible citizens.

Commercial Law

The Commercial Law program introduces students to the many facets of Philippine Law, substantive and procedural, with Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure, Labor and Social Legislation such as fields of concentration, complemented by basic subjects in Business Management..

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Decision Sciences & Innovation Department

The Decision Sciences & Innovation (DSI) Department focuses on the applications of management science techniques, innovation through entrepreneurship and interdisciplinary business studies.


Management of Financial Institutions

The Management of Financial Institutions (MFI) program was launched in 1976 to answer the financial management needs of Philippine financial intermediaries and other Philippine businesses… The present program aims to support the MFI vision in response to the formidable challenges of the financial services industry.


Management and Organization Department

The Management and Organization Department is a synergy of two significant historic streams in business education in De La Salle University. The first stream emerged from the former Graduate School of Business which first offered the Master of Business Education Program in 1960 and the Doctor of Management Program in 1981…


Marketing Management

Marketing Management is designed to develop students for entrepreneurial or corporate work in marketing management and for them to be trainable for higher responsibilities in the same firm…