Jabar and Chiong-Javier among Recipients of Facebook-CCSG Award for AI Research

Social media company Facebook announced the recipients of the Ethics in Artificial Intelligence for the Asia Pacific research awards on June 17, 2020. Among the winners named in the public announcement were SDRC Director Dr. Melvin A. Jabar and senior researcher Dr. Ma. Elena Chiong-Javier. Together with Mr. Jun Motomura of Meio University and Dr. Penchan Sherer of Mahidol Universitty, they will be conducting a study entitled “Ethical Technology Assessment on AI and Internet of Things.”

Facebook partnered with the Centre for Civil Society and Governance of the University of Hong Kong and the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, Hong Kong to launch the Ethics for AI request for proposals in December 2019. The initiative seeks to support thoughtful and groundbreaking academic research in the field of AI ethics in the Asia Pacific.

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