The name itself speaks of freedom of expression, creativity, and critical thinking.

A community of learners that is responsive to the fast-changing world, the College of Liberal Arts aspires for an integrative cultivation of human potential by actively engaging the intellectual resource of its members while nurturing their moral growth and deepening their social responsibility.

Its competent corps of scholars and professionals aims to develop competencies of students in various fields through critical thinking, safeguarding human dignity and freedom regardless of race, class, gender, and religion.

Students who are interested in enrolling in the degree programs of this college must be critical thinkers, must be creative individuals, and must be able to express themselves in both oral and written communication. They must have good interpersonal skills, be socially aware, and have a strong interest in research. They should also be skilled in creating and delivering presentations and reports as well as know their way around various computer programs. Reading and comprehension are also a must for prospective students of the College.


The ARTS-BUS Program is a double degree program that allows students to take up any of the AB major degree program with any business degree program.

Bachelor of Arts (AB) Degree Programs

  • Bachelor of Arts (AB) in Behavioral Sciences major in Organizational and Social Systems Development
  • AB in Development Studies
  • AB in History
  • AB in International Studies major in European Studies
  • AB in Literature
  • AB in Political Science
  • AB major in Communication Arts
  • AB major in Organizational Communication
  • AB major in Philosophy
  • AB in Psychology

Bachelor of Science (BS) Business Degree Programs

  • BS in Advertising Management
  • BS in Applied Corporate Management
  • BS in Accountancy
  • BS in Management of Financial Institutions
  • BS in Legal Management
  • BS in Business Management
  • BS in Marketing Management