Committed to excellence. Impassioned to serve.

These are the ideals of the De La Salle University College of Law.

The College embodies the Lasallian tradition of excellence and service, seeking to develop in tomorrow’s lawyers the compassion and commitment to promote and uphold the rights of every individual. It also instills in them the passion to protect the right of the future generations to have a clean, safe, and healthy environment.

An outstanding corps of faculty will provide hands-on mentoring throughout the program, to fully prepare the small but select group of students for the excellent and efficient practice of the profession.

Juris Doctor (JD) Program

The DLSU Juris Doctor program offers a multidisciplinary approach to learning, developing in law students the research and communication competence to practice the Profession.

The program will also provide for the enrichment and enhancement of the communication skills of the students, to enable them to confidently and competently establish themselves in the legal profession.

Legal aid and externship programs will expose these students to La Salle’s national and international network of communities, organizations, as well as linkages with law firms. While following the curriculum mandated by the Supreme Court and the Commission on Higher Education, the program also underscores the teaching of human rights, which will be offered as an elective and infused in core subjects. The many reputable programs of DLSU are also valuable resources for legal research.

Career Opportunities

  • Private practice in a big, medium, or small law firm
  • Government service (judicial, legislative, and executive departments; diplomatic service)
  • Public and private international agencies (human rights, environment, international trade law, etc.)
  • Banks / Financial institutions and business organizations
  • Alternative dispute resolution (mediation, conciliation, arbitration)
  • IT and e-commerce law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation