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sdrc logoAs the Social Science research arm of the DLSU College of Liberal Arts, the Social Development Research Center seeks to fulfill a two-fold mission: to serve as a hub in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific region for research and advocacy; and to form a bridge between the academic community on the one hand, and the society and community it is serving on the other. Its vision is for Filipinos and Asian and Pacific peoples to enjoy an improved way of life, and to live under decent conditions, in an environment worthy of human dignity and respect.

 Apart from providing data and analysis in over 200 studies completed since being established in 1979, the Center's programs and endeavors have resulted in policies and projects that address identified needs.  SDRC has helped put up schools, generate income, organize communities, and promote better service provision in various aspects of health, governance, and social service. Moreover, by encouraging the participation of beneficiaries through activities such as capacity-building and training, it has further earned the trust of donor agencies and increased their belief in people's capabilities.

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