17th Young Economists' Convention

Refining its 17th year of bridging theory and reality

Today, the Young Economists’ Convention Series has fostered the youth’s role in research and development, leadership and training, exchange of ideas, social involvement, and nation building. Through its various activities, the Young Economists’ Convention Series has lived up to its vision and mission. As the international and domestic landscape changes, the Commission continues to be a principal catalyst for holistic development. This year, the Young Economists’ Commission will provide much more as it evolves in its 17th year.

Amidst the recent backlash in globalization, the ASEAN remains determined to increase connectivity among nations – rightly so, since the region’s unity has cemented it’s place as a key player in the world economy, However, developing nations such as the Philippines might struggle to compete and find its place in an integrated ASEAN especially alongside economic giants like Singapore. The Philippines can foster competitive industries and inclusive growth by localizing the connectivity plan of the ASEAN region; as such, it must maximize the potential of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Improved regulatory systems, socio-cultural openness, aggressive ICT development and forward-looking infrastructure development are some of the many strategies to attain domestic connectivity to complement ASEAN connectivity for the nation.