Young Economists’ Convention 

Established in 2001, the Young Economists’ Convention is a product of the collective efforts of the DLSU Angelo King Institute for Economic and Business Studies (DLSU–AKIEBS), the Anthony Aguirre Memorial Foundation, USAID and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, in cooperation with the Junior Philippine Economics Society (JPES) and the De La Salle University–Economics Organization(DLSU–EconOrg).

The YEC is a premier institution that provides a stimulating venue for young economists in enriching their economic understanding, and leadership potentials. It moves with the purpose of endorsing awareness of prevalent economic issues and initiates vital critical thinking among the youth, enabling tactical usage of what they have learned, as they bring to fruition the idea of becoming the future leaders and policy makers, both locally and internationally.

The YEC commits itself in producing young but holistic and socially responsible economists and pursues a legacy of continuous improvement in economic research for policy development. It propagates individuals to make a positive impact on society through synergies within and among students and institutions across the Philippines and South–East Asia.