The DLSU – Angelo King Institute for Economic and Business Studies was established in 1999 out of the complementary noble goals of its two founding institutions. On the one hand, De La Salle University has a corporate vision of evolving into a research university in the future and at the same time deepening its involvement in community and national service. On the other hand, poverty alleviation is the overriding concern of the Angelo King Foundation. It addresses this concern not by giving dole-outs but by pushing for appropriate government policies as well as by promoting entrepreneurship and self-help among poor groups.

The corporate vision of the Institute merges its founding institutions’ drive for research excellence, policy relevance and overriding concern for poverty alleviation. The establishment of the Institute is a timely response to the challenging times when many of the issues that the country and the world face require the deepening and enrichment of macro and national level perspectives with insights from research undertaken at the level of individual firms.

The Institute intends to establish a niche in the area of research by integrating economic and business studies, and by combining macro and micro perspectives. Specifically, the Institute hopes to contribute to the improvement of national and local policies and programs, and the strengthening of support institutions. It will likewise undertake studies that could provide insights on the adjustment process undertaken by industries and firms to answer the dynamic changes in the local and global markets and the challenges of environmental protection. Finally, the Institute aims to highlight the contributions of entrepreneurship, business innovation, networks and production clusters, social partnership, and human capital development in the context of an increasingly interdependent world economy. In the process, the Institute expects to contribute to the alleviation of poverty and to the pursuit of sustainable development in the country.