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Outcomes-based | Learner-centered | Interdisciplinary

LCNWRD session


Given that the Christian life is one shaped by God’s Word, students need to learn how to engage scripture for deepening their spirituality and appreciating and living their Christian vocation in the context of Philippine realities.  Those unfamiliar with the Bible however often need “tools” for understanding its evolving perspectives on the relationship between God and humankind.  The approach to the Bible taken here is to regard it as a collection of stories of the ongoing quest of God’s people for shalom in a world of exclusion and violence.  It also considers the story of how God in his faithfulness intervened in history to teach people how to live a new solidarity rooted first in the covenant and then in the reconciling love of God in Jesus Christ, the Word-made-flesh. The course also aims to develop in the students the disposition and knowledge of discerning Christian life as a faith response to the invitation to live and proclaim the values of the Kingdom of God (Reign of God).  It is hoped that through this course, students will be able to draw on scripture in reflecting on their vocation today.


How can faith be relevant in today’s world? This is the main question this course tries to answer. It introduces the students to different faith expressions (faith as reasonable; faith as personal experience; faith as social transformation; faith as dialogue with the religious “other”) and underlines that all of these are necessary for a wholistic faith that is responsive to crucial life issues.  The philosophies that shaped the development of each of these different faith expressions, as well as, relevant and related existential/social questions will be discussed. The class concludes with a celebration of this wholistic faith.