DLSU Web Development Team
(as of Term 2, AY 2015-2016)

James C. Sy, Director, ITS

Front-end Builders

Lemuel B. Cabia, Coordinator, ITS-WMD
Francis Jerome O. Aquino, Web Designer, ITS-WMD
Angelica A. Villanueva, Web Content Developer, ITS-WMD
Catalina M. Quiogue, Sr. Documentation Analyst, ITS-WMD

Back-end Builders

Vivian Praxedes DC. Sy, Coordinator, ITS-SMS
Arfeli B. Balanza, Sr. Software Architect, ITS-SMS
Florinda D. Tamonan, Sr. Data Administrator, ITS-SMS
Rhaniel C. Bingcang, Software Administrator, ITS-SMS
Loveleah M. Mallari, Software Administrator, ITS-SMS
Ma. Rowena A. Santos, Sr. Software Architect, ITS-SDS
Philip L. Uy, Sr. Software Architect, ITS-SDS
James C. Sy, Sr. Database Administrator, ITS-SDS

Web Server & Systems Administrators

Noel C. Castillo, Coordinator, ITS-TIA
Leo D. Magsisi, Assistant Coordinator, ITS-TIA
Nicasio M. Bonao, Sr. Systems Administrator, ITS-TIA
Benedict L. Cuison, Systems Administrator, ITS-TIA
Delford S. Gamayo, Systems Administrator, ITS-TIA


ITS: Information Technology Services Office
ITS-TSL: Technology Support and Laboratories Section
ITS-TIA: Technology Infrastructure and Assets Section
ITS-WMD: Web Management and Documentation Section
ITS-SMS: Systems Management and Services Section
ITS-SDS: Systems Development and Standards Section

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