Mission Vision


Lasallian Achievers for God and Country

De La Salle University - Manila Student Council is the supreme student organization of DLSU. Inspired by the charisma of St. John Baptist de la Salle, the Student Council supports the University to harmonize faith and life with contemporary knowledge to nurture a community of distinguished and morally upright scholars who generate and propagate new knowledge for human development and social transformation. As a resource of Church and Nation, the Student Council endeavors to form Lasallian Achievers for God and Country who will lead in building a just, stable and progressive Filipino nation.


Protect Students' Rights

The Student Council should protect and defend the rights of each student to ensure that students are given what is due to them in accordance to the Students' Charter and the Law of the Land. In acknowledging and ensuring that these rights are upheld, the students are thereby empowered to become Lasallian achievers for God and Country.

Promote Students' Welfare

The Student Council should promote the physical, intellectual, socio-cultural and spiritual well-being of the students, through relevant and sustainable programs which address their universal needs. The SC serves as a catalyst to maximize and realize the potentials of each student.

Partake in Social Transformation

The Student Council shall engage the student body in an environment that harnesses their diverse knowledge, skill and values toward social transformation. The Student Council shall reinforce and heighten the students' sense of patriotism to produce a more committed and responsive citizenry, in order to become a resource for God and Country.