Office of the Vice-President for Activities

The VP Activities chairs the Activities Assembly that composes of batch representatives and the college assembly presidents. The office itself approves, monitors and evaluates activities made by the SC units and strongly ovp-activities logocoordinates with the Council of Student Organizations (CSO) regarding university-wide activities of the Student Council.

Moreover, the office oversee the planning and operations of these institutionalized events: The Lasallian Sports Commission, the University Fair Committee, The Committee for Social Consciousness and Involvement and other committees under his/her office.

As VP Activities, supervision of the planning and implementation of special projects during celebrations of De La Salle University Student Council university-wide weeks and other occasions warranting participation of the De La Salle University Student Council is a significant function.

Lastly, the VP Activities is a member of the Accreditation Committee (AOAC) and is in-charge to include the approval of recognition of student organizations in the agenda of the Legislative Assembly.