Office of the Executive Secretary

logo of osecOffice Thrusts:

  • Ensure an Effective Student Council
  • Build Competent Leaders
  • Enhance Office Management and People Management

The Office of the Executive Secretary (OSEC) primarily shall ensure accessibility, efficiency, transparency and accountability of the Student Council Officers to produce quality and progressive student services. OSEC shall further develop their skills to ensure competency and professionalism to fervently achieve the Student Council’s Vision and Mission-Protect Students' Rights, Promote Students' Welfare and Partake in Social Transformation.

The Office of The Executive Secretary also aims to produce pioneering and empowered leaders that will uphold the University's vision and further it by realizing one's inherent responsibility for our Country, because we envision a society of students that will establish the kind of progressive and principled leadership in all sectors of the society. We, as Lasallians should use the power of influence and being a part of the intellectual community to instill Lasallian values of services, commitment and continue to contribute progressive changes to our country.