Students' Rights and Welfare (STRAW) Committee


The Students' Rights and Welfare (STRAW) Committee aims to protect students' rights, promote students' welfare, and advocate changes both inside and outside the walls of De La Salle University through public hearings, resolutions or propositions and inquiries in aid of legislation. It makes and passes resolutions concerning the changes in the Student Handbook.

The STRAW committee aims to address recent and pressing issues on the Random Drug Testing, current I.D. policy, policy on deadly weapons and Discipline Office stickers, student representation in faculty hiring, curriculum changes and assessments, and other Student Handbook revisions.


Planned Resolutions

  • Manifesto on random drug testing
  • D.O. procedures for apprehending Students
  • Deadly Weapons
  • ID policy: multiple passes or added stations similar to South Gate
  • Laptop Entry permits through student ID
  • Food Entry Passes
    (terms and transactions of DLSU canteens)
  • Implementing guidelines for Student Lawyers
  • Student Representative pool
    (proper representation in D.O.'s screening of representatives)
  • Representation in Faculty Hiring
  • Student Representation in the Board of Trustees
  • Implementing Guidelines for the Dresscode Monitoring Board
  • Representation in Curriculum Changes
    (seat in actual deliberation or expansion of CRADLE)
  • Religious Freedom (accreditation for other religious organizations) through OATH
  • Dean's Lister Privileges
  • Operations Council Representation
  • Grievance System (sanctions on Professors)