Rules and Policies (RnP) Committee

The Rules and Policies (RnP) Committee studies the rules, policies, and procedures of the Student Council and the University for areas of improvement to be presented to the Student Council and other concerned units.logo of rules and policies committee This year’s RnP has tasked itself in conducting reviews of the University and Student Services such as review of the Rental Fees and ITEO evaluation of co–academic personnel, University Education and Curriculum like the proposal to open free electives to all colleges and support to student research, Fees and Assessment such as pushing for minimal assessment fee for OJT students, Student Council Governance, and some other Student Handbook concerns together with the Student’s Rights and Welfare (STRAW) committee.

Planned Resolutions

  • Push for ITEO/University evaluation for non–academic and co–academic personnel
  • Push for more pro–student features of My.LaSalle
  • Review Student–Assistants policies and procedures
  • Implementation of Total Waste Segregation Management System
  • Push for ITEO evaluation of professors upon requests of students
  • Open free electives to all colleges
  • Study on Intellectual Property Rights for the protection of the students
  • Review thesis/projects orientation, implementation, and grading guidelines across colleges
  • Study on the feasibility of having the University Research Coordination Office services for the students
  • Policy on refund for unjustifiable fees
  • Push for minimal On–the–Job Training Assessment Term Fee
  • Study on the removal of graduating students' Annual Physical Examination (APE) Fee
  • Research on the issue of rental fees
  • Review grievance policy
  • Consider 0.0 mark for Latin Honors qualification
  • Draft proposal for electronic Student Council offices and services
  • Monthly peer evaluation of LA representatives per committee
  • Study on the feasibility of the autonomy of internal audit committee
  • Review and revive University Student Government by Saint
  • CURE Implementation
  • Stricter clearance system for outgoing Student Council officers
  • Restudy and propose new alternatives for better enrollment schemes
  • Propose for longer adjustment schedule