Resolutions Monitoring and Management (RMM) Committee

The Resolutions Monitoring and Management (RMM) Committee ensures the efficiency of the Legislative Assembly (LA) by policing and systematizing proposed resolutions and by making sure that discussed resolutions in the LA are of value by reviewing previous resolutions and recognizing any areas of redundancy especially in objectives. It also ascertains effective logo of resolutions monitoring and management committeeinformation dissemination within the Legislative Assembly with regard to the upcoming resolutions to be discussed in LA sessions. Lastly, the committee aims to be a catalyst of transparency between the highest policy-making body of the Student Council and the students by providing efficient publicity channels within the university.

Planned Resolutions

  • Resolution on the budget allocation of the Student Council
  • Organization of the database on resolutions to be made available in the Internet
  • Updating and improvement of the DLSU resolutions webpage
  • Massive information campaigns on approved resolutions and manifestos
  • Establishment of the LA website