Major Projects

CCS Web Portal

The creation of the official and comprehensive web portal for CCS students containing relevant information about the college and the university. Features content on college and university issues and announcements, procedures on different university processes (e.g. grievance) and includes a separate page for each batch to upload information relevant to their batches. The portal also features interactivity such as forums and a commenting system for students to air out their opinions on issues within and outside the university.

Non-Conventional Tech Fair

An exposition of different NGOs, government units and other non-profit organizations promoting their advocacies. The event will showcase the different contributions of technology to such organizations and how the college can further contribute to their advocacies and to other similar efforts. The event will also open doors for students to be inclined towards different advocacies and how their role as innovators of technology can create social impact.

Technology and Environment

A series of events showcasing the different effects of technology to the environment. The activities aim to awaken CCS students' in terms of the impact their field has been causing the environment. It also aims to give ideas and put CCS students into action on to what to do to help the environment.

GK Serbisyong Pangmatagalan

The Gawad Kalinga is the Student Council's main community development project. The college aims to train the residents of Gawad Kalinga in terms of their skills to open opportunities of employment. The program will be a series of well-defined and well-monitored activities to ensure their progress as learners and contributors to the society.

CCS Web Awards

An activity that will acknowledge the creativity and innovation of CCS students in terms of web design and development. Blogging and web designing, apart from playing online games, are two of the most frequent activities of CCS students. The activity features awards for different categories to tackle the different interests of CCS students, which includes issues and advocacy and technology innovation.