The College Assemby of Science (CAS)

The College Assembly of Science (CAS) is the highest undergraduate governing body of the College of Science. In line with the Student Council's vision and mission, CAS aims to protect logo of college assembly of sciencestudents' rights, promote students' welfare and partake in social transformation by pushing for a cultural change in order to redefine excellence in the college, excellence which does not highlight academic achievement but more importantly champions the importance of partaking in extra-academic endeavors, all for the development of the country. Apart from localizing the projects and programs of the Student Council and addressing relevant college issues and concerns, CAS aims to:

  • Push students toward effective leadership to ensure responsible and quality student representation
  • Reinforce academic programs that will drive students towards academic excellence.
  • Strengthen ties of CAS and ASO through tapping on students, enriching their involvement and maximizing resources.
  • Provide opportunities to invoke critical thinking and foster initiative to protect student's rights.
  • Impart scientific knowledge to nurture our country by redefining our role as catalyst for national advancement.