The Arts College Assembly (ACA)

The Arts College Assembly (ACA) is the highest undergraduate governing body of the College of Liberal Arts. In line with the Student Council's vision and mission, ACA aims to protect students'logo of arts college assembly rights, promote students' welfare and partake in social transformation by becoming the college at the forefront of social action. Apart from localizing the projects and programs of the Student Council and addressing relevant college issues and concerns, ACA aims to:

  • maximize a conducive learning environment to assist and empower a new breed of liberal thinkers and leaders of societal action
  • optimize channels of communication to cultivate a culture of involvement by being advocates of the arts and humanities
  • rekindle social action by providing venues for volunteerism to truly make the College of Liberal Arts the forefront of Social Action.

Together with the Executive Committee, composed of the College Assembly President and the Executive Board of the four different batches, FAST 2004, FAST 2005, FAST2006 and the incoming FAST 2007, works hand in hand with the College of Liberal Arts Professional 10 (CAP10), composed of the professional organizations of the college.