Major Projects

Electives And Cognates

The College Assembly believes that a CED student holds more potential than what is presented. To lobby for electives and cognates in the CED curriculum is designed to give CED students competent and quality education that provide students with more opportunities and learning experiences. Electives and Cognates will also enhance the effectiveness of CED graduates in society.

College Council Course Representatives

We believe that education is a right, and we only deserve education with utmost quality. With numerous concerns regarding the CED curriculum; The College Assembly believes that each course should still be well represented in the college council since the college council tackles matters that concern curriculum designs and its implementations. Course representatives will ensure that voices of each CED student are heard most especially when it concerns their academics.

Inspired: Gawad Kalinga

The Gawad Kalinga program has served as an inspiration to the College of Education. Offering the students a sneak peak at the realization of the youth's dream, this project aims to give sustainable programs to GK; Such as providing a curriculum review for GK Metro Manila and to provide GK a permanent pool of teacher-volunteers from the CED students to contribute to the development and enhancement of GK's education programs; Also, promoting the welfare of GK residents with projects such as tree-planting activities, holidays at GK and the like.

MessEdge/TournamED/Nature Jam

MessEdge will serve as a tool for CED students in acquiring critical information, in issues that concern academics, the administration, fellow students and the country.

TournamED on the other hand promotes unity and camaraderie by providing CED students with various sports activities.

Nature Jam consists of activities that advocate the need for environmental awareness and action, with programs such as tree-planting, concert advocacies and clean-ups. Nature Jam seeks to save what is left of our earth through the participation of CED students.