Major Projects

3rd Business and Economics Convention for Students (BECS)

Inspired by 2nd BECS, this will be a two day convention that will promote insights on the country's economic problems, possible solutions, growth opportunities to inspire students to look beyond the profits and money aspects of business. This also aims to help students envision themselves to be the leaders of tomorrow. BECS shows the students the real picture outside the four walls of DLSU and, thus, exposes the students to the realities of the business world.

BEAM: Business and Economics Assembly Manual

It is a manual containing all basic information that students need to know about the college and the University. This will help make CBE students aware of the basic information they need to know about the college. These handy booklets would cover topics from DO policies to campus survival tips.

CBE Cups: The Official CBE Sportsfest

Sportsfests per batch and among batches will be held to provide opportunities for students to interact with one another, promote camaraderie and develop their skills in sports. As this University believes in holistic development, then what other activity to show physical prowess and the spirit of fair competition camaraderie than by sports events?

Tatak Pinoy, Galing Pinoy

This would be a weeklong activity which would showcase Filipino entrepreneurs and their products. With this, students would be able to be reminded of the quality of the Filipino products, invoke the value of patriotism and, ultimately, make the students proud of products that are "Tatak pinoy".

CBE World Vision

CBE students who are willing to donate money will donate portions of their allowance monthly to send less fortunate kids to school. Through the aid of World Vision Foundation, this is an effort to help the less privileged to go to school. As each student is being given the opportunity to study in DLSU, they may consider sharing part of their blessings by giving a less privileged student an opportunity to gain an education they may otherwise be unable to attain.