Major Projects

Facilities Incident Report System (FIRSt)

A project of the Operations and Communications Arm of ACA, FIRSt is a venue for reporting facilities that are broken, not working or in a hazardous condition and filing these to the Physical Facilities Office, this system lets the students take the first step in addressing the problems that directly affect them.

CLA Kapihan

A project of the Activities Arm, CLA Kapihan is a venue where the students, faculty and administration can get together and discuss pertinent college issues over coffee. This is pre-empted by a smaller version, Kapi-kapihan, which is a venue for students and their student leaders, specifically their Legislative Assembly Representatives, to discuss relevant college issues.

Kalinga CLA

A project of the Socio-civic Arm, Kalinga CLA is a program where the college adopts a public school and helps in the holistic development of the students by providing them with classes advocating the arts and humanities.

Gawad Kalinga Art House

Also a Project of the Socio-civic Arm, GK Art House is a program where the college provides the Gawad Kalinga Community with a house for the arts. A venue where they can enhance their artistic capabilities.