Major Projects


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Lasallian Scientist = Excellence

This is a yearlong program that will shape every COS students for excellence, not only in academics but as well as in extra-curricular activities. Projects under this program are:

Lasallian Scientist = Effective Leader

A priority project under this program is the launching of LINKS, a council of science student-leaders. CAS will establish external linkages with other science-related institutions to widen the scope or resources; share expertise, skills, information and development in the field of science; promote mentorship; and to have a solid stand on science-related issues. A Convention of Science Leaders will also be held to supplement the establishment of LINKS.

Lasallian Scientist = Critical Thinker

A priority project under this program is a Science Debate and Forum that will sharpen the minds of every COS students and make them aware of pressing issues in the field of science.

Lasallian Scientist = Outstanding Achiever

A priority project under this program is the recognition of/award will be given to COS students excelling in the field outside science. This project will be a tie-up activity with other colleges.

Lasallian Scientist = Nation Builder

A priority project under this program is the commitment of CAS to activities uplifting the lives of every Filipino and one of this is Gawad Kalinga. CAS will be adopting a school to tutor/help the students in their academics especially in the field of science. This goal of this project is to get at least 60% of the COS population to participate in at least one GK or outreach activity.