Major Projects

CLA Pride Week

To promote and protect the rights of gays and lesbians, wherein a panel discussion featuring representative from both sexual orientations would talk about their rights; a video presentation about the protection of the third sex's rights.

logo of fast 07

Operation Pamigay Libro

To widen the selections of books in Pahiram Libro and to intensify the Pahiram Libro Program. Every end of each term, students will be given the chance to donate their used books to Pahiram Libro for the use of future batches.

Fund Run: Move FAST

To raise funds for an educational institution through a batch-unifying activity. The batch would be having a fund run and proceeds will go to the chosen educational institution.

GK Art House Greeting Card Contest

To support CLA's GK Art House. Each block would have to sell as. As many personalized greeting cards as possible; proceeds will go to GK Art House.

SLAW Booth And Orientation

To encourage FAST07 to volunteer as Student Lawyers and to ensure competence of chosen representatives to be part as a Student Lawyer. A booth will be set up with sign-up sheets for interested students who will undergo orientation and screening. Then, there will be a talk by a representative from the Office of the Student Lawyers (OSL) and by the Grievance Chair would be conducted.

Student's Charter Talk

To educate students about the various rights and provisions stated in the Student’s Charter. A talk will be conducted by representatives from the former and current LA reps who made and lobbied the Student’s Charter.