Major Projects


A massive information dissemination project accessing and utilizing all possible means of efficient communication to the members of FAST2006 through organized and well-planned email campaigns, board visuals and short messaging mobile services; informing students about the latest logo of fast 06activities within the batch and activities of the entire university. Also, informing students how to maximize different student services and physical facilities in the campus for their convenience.

14 Degrees

An awareness project wherein students will be informed about their first majoring year in their chosen degree programs. This will tap all possible means of communication and coordination with academic departments of the College of Liberal Arts. From QLY enrollment up to course requirements, 14 degrees will try to help you get by in your first majoring year.


A social responsibility project wherein every other month, there will be chosen charitable institutions and foundations will be helped by the batch for just less than 10 pesos. It will also encompass drives for medicinal supplies, clothing, reading and writing materials. Pledge will be a simple but great way to help our country.