Major Projects

Major Projects

Thesis Talks

Most FAST2005 students will be graduating by the end of this school year. Before this milestone can be achieved, students would have to accomplish a thesis. To prepare the batch with regards to formulating their theses, an expert or a graduate of each Liberal Arts degree program will be logo of fast 05invited to speak about proper thesis making and all the steps involved. After the Thesis Talks, thesis brochures will be distributed to the batch. These will occur during the first term for courses whose thesis falls on the second term, and during the second term for the remaining courses.

FAST2005 Pride Of The Week

We also wish to recognize the individual excellence of FAST2005 students. As an opportunity for others to recognize this, FAST2005 Pride of the Week is a weekly display featuring FAST2005 students who have been exceptional in any aspect, especially with their talents and skills. The display will also indicate how each student plans to use their abilities in contributing to society.

Glimpse: A Peek Into The Struggles Of The Marginalized

Protecting human rights is a pressing issue that few are aware of, and even fewer act upon it. To provide the LaSallians with a venue for enhancing awareness regarding human rights, like those of the homosexuals, women, and children, Glimpse: A Peek into the Struggles of the Marginalized is a whole week of film viewing or talks about human rights. Films that expose violation of human rights or that promote the protecting of human rights will be shown, and speakers from different organizations will be invited. Free popcorn, which would contain bits of information about human rights, will be offered.